Photo Gallery

Special Membership Picnic/Meeting on July 30th at Grotto Park

Birds Eye view of Grotto Park

Many weddings have already been performed here

The bluegill was at least yea big

Violet Rohrer, District Assistant Governor

Special guest, Rogue River Region

Guest speaker Wedny Stebbins

Wendy is the proud mother of three special needs daughters she adopted with downe's syndrome.


Grotto Park Clean Up Day Saturday May 30, 2009

Chicken BBQ is always a good time.  Don't forget our next one, Thursday June 25th

Wahlfield County Park Playground

2009 Scholarship Winners

Summer 2009

Guest Speaker at 9/19/09 meeting Yolanda Lewis with MichCon

Yolanda Lewis, Gayle Steffen, Sharan Steffens

Yolanda Lewis demonstrating the size of the fish she caught to Bob Homan (We think.)

He who carries a big stick collects little fines

What nervous (or bored) CPAs do to tablecloths. This requires analyzing.


Late Summer and Fall 2009

Winter 2009-2010