Comstock Park Rotary

World Famous

                        CHICKEN BARBEQUE


Comstock Park Rotarians bring you some of the best chicken, sausage or ribs in the world! Please support them, they'll be at Dwight Lydell Park  11:30 a.m -6:30 p.m. on Thursday August 22, 2013.



Thursday,May 23,11:30–7 p.m.   
Dwight-Lydell Park (Near Post Office)
 & Half or Whole Rack of RIBS
Roll, Butter,Drink, & Two Sides
$7.95-˝ chicken,$7.25–Sausage,
Half Rib-$8.95 W-$13.95
Call 616-437-5567 or
For pre-orders at specific time or delivery of 11/more meals


Come and enjoy a delicious meal in the park or take out.

 Thursday August 22, 2013

*or earlier if sold out     

If you are interested in membership, we meet Thursdays at 12:10 P.M. at the Swan Inn on Alpine at 6 Mile Rd. (Except on BBQ Days)


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